Exposicion “fallas” por Elian y Pastel en Barcelona



“Fallas” puede referirse a un defecto, pero en plural. Sus consecuencias y alteraciones. Encontrarse con lo no funcional, con la que caduca, un fin conocido. La muerte y sus reactores, un cortocircuito orgánico. Montana Gallery Barcelona presenta una serie de obras realizadas por Elian y Pastel en las que retratan el error premeditado, inducido.

Elian estudia el ejercicio orgánico de un trazo hecho por una mano, la fluidez del gesto. ¿Qué sucede cuando se genera una ruptura en ese recorrido?, ¿tiene capacidad nuestro cerebro para ajustar ese desfase? Ensayos sobre la fatiga ocular y los mecanismos de contemplación.

Pastel indaga a través de la flora y armas aborígenes, como simbolismos de lo trágico, idílico y efímero de las estructuras sociales modernas, donde el hombre habita el error y destruye a partir de su propia naturaleza.

Inauguración el Jueves 28 de Mayo del 2015 a partir de las 20h.
Exposición del 29 de Mayo al 26 de Junio del 2015.

Montana Gallery
Comerç 6, 08003 Barcelona (El Born)
T/F (+34) 932 680 191 – gallery@montanacolors.com
De lunes a sábado de 10 a 21h.

Elian en Republica Dominicana

Elian_Fluid_republicana dominicana

” Fluid “ my last work in Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic for Artesano Project curated by Inoperable Gallery and Evoca1.
This kind of wall are not my preference, but I found it interesting to try to create a balance with to the trash can and refrigerator. For that, then set further information on the left side of the wall, leaving breathing area in which are the elements of counterweight.
The red form serves to stabilize the entire piece.

Hope you like it and happy end of the year!
PD: Try to find me in the final picture :P


Elian en Tucuman, Rosario y Mendoza

Elian_Rhythm Tucuman

“ Rhythm “ in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina.

This artwork is located in a neighborhood from San Miguel, on the facade of the Cultural Centre Galpón 20.99
Unlike my previous work, the synthesis is absent in this case. The neighborhood carries a different rhythm than the city, allowing the contemplation and a closer attention of the artwork; that’s the reason of the diverse points of tension and textures, so it can bring complexity to the wall and create obligatory visual tours.


Elian_Organic Focus Rosario Santa Fe

“ Organic Focus “  in Rosario, Argentina.

The intervened colonial facade shows a horizontal symmetrical axis set by characteristics moldings and the repetition of windows in the lower and first floor of the house; and also has a vertical symmetrical axis,that shows an exact mirror of the left side to the right. This artwork is about an organic shape referred to a gestural line from a marker in the lower side of the house, but with a small invasion above the horizontal symmetrical axis, reaching the upper side. This action tries to show how an element that destabilized this strong structure in a very subtle way, can create the same rupture effect than a big intervention. The red horizontal line in the artwork searches to pronounce the axis that suffers the intervention, pulling attention to this point and enhancing the small deviation of the stated form. The selected palette was to seek an homogenization with the support, so morphology is what stands out.


“Exercise Of Anamorphosis #1” Cultural Center Julio Le Parc ( Mendoza, Argentina ) for Muropolis Festival called

This artwork is a tribute to Julio Le Parc, Godfather of latin-american Op Art. In this case, through a different language but representative of this artist; I seek to reflect if a concept supports any technic and if that change is positive or negative about the communicative purpose.


“ 25% Black “ de Elian en OFICIO Art Residence

4_25Black (Custom)


1_25 Black (Custom)


FINAL_25Black (Custom)

Here i send you pictures from my last work called “ 25% Black “ made in OFICIO Residence, hope you like it!

OFICIO it’s an Art Residence project directed by Kosovo Gallery in the city of Cordoba, Argentina, in which international artists, like Pixel Pancho, Zosen y Mina, and local artists like El Marian, Pesk, Elian, Pedro Perelman and Pum Pum; will participate until the end of the year working in the city and different kinds of projects for the gallery like workshops, conferences, documentary and the final show. For more info about the program : www.kosovogallery.com

This construction shows a very pronounced asymmetrical axis. We can see how the general shape of the building replies to a order; but the gate its located to the right, so it breaks with the harmony of the facade. On this wall I’ve searched the balance of the composition through the morphology and color. To the left, we can see organic shapes with bright primary colours, and to the right, straight parallel black lines with low opacity. The walls has an equilibrium between two different languages, the competition of color and shapes in both sides generates that the facade moves to another importance level therefore the asymmetrical axis loses importance.



Elian en Queretaro, Mexico

Elian_QueretaroFINAL (Custom)


Elian_Queretaro1 (Custom)


Elian_Queretaro3 (Custom)

Im here, in Mexico, writing again to share my work with you.

This mural was made in Queretaro, Mexico for Board Dripper Festival during september.

Description :

This house was built in 1890 by european architects. Located in Invierno and Primavera streets, the colonial facade is the space of the first photographic studio of Queretaro. Founded in 1948, Mr. Torres was commissioned to portray the high society and social events. Today the business is in charge of his children, and they have suffered the fall of photography because of the technological evolution. This mural searches to resignify the front image of the old house by breaking the principal axes of colonial architecture, their mouldings and order above vertical and horizontal axes. It has been used a big gestural line, in reference of a brushstroke to invade the total space and then a heavy geometrical element among with other gestural traces, to find the balance on the composition.

Hope you like it !! Thanks for all the support :)

Big hug,



“Percentage / Composition / Balance” x Elian en Moscu

Elian_ArtmossphereBienalle 3


Elian_ArtmossphereBienalle 4

The work was done under “Artmossphere, Biennale of Street Art”, curated by Sabina Chagina.

Located in Meridian House of Culture, Moscow, Russia.


“Percentage / Composition / Balance”.

This work proposes a necessary dialogue between colors that build it, make a direct relationship with the medium itself, question the empty space and the use of compositional resources.
The color distribution has been generated to have a greater importance than the morphology of the piece, the main element considered is the total area that acts as a support and its quantitative relationship of each color. The composition is based on generating a optical harmonic balance to make it relative to the environment in which the mural is. We can see basic geometry has been used as the circle, the scalene triangle and other allusions to gestural strokes.



Expo “Materia Prima” x Elian y Pastel

Materia Prima Show_Elian_Pastel 1


Materia Prima Show_Elian_Pastel 3


Materia Prima Show_Elian_Pastel 7


Materia Prima Show_Elian_Pastel 10
Materia Prima is the result of a residency made by Elian and Pastel in Miami during june and july. We can see paintings on canvas and a main installation made in collaboration between both artists, that shows a synthesis of different expressions. The exhibition is in Product 81 Gallery from July 12 to August 8. 2311NW 2nd Ave, Miami, Florida 33127

MATERIA PRIMA by Pastel and Elian – Argentine-based artists Pastel and Elian explore the true meaning of collaboration by combining their individual aesthetics in Materia Prima.  By definition, “materia prima” are raw elements taken from nature that are later transformed into consumer goods.

In the exhibition, Pastel uses symbols to explore and communicate seldom told stories about war and socio-political differences that to this day remain relevant in new geographical areas.
Working with symbols like arrowheads and flore, the piers begin a dialogue about the nature of man and his surroundings. The existential, real, pure and tragic.

Meanwhile, Elian tells another story: one in which the geometric properties of art and the use of black, white and empty space give new meaning to the background of each piece.  Using primary colors, Elian’s analysis of form prompts the viewer to think rather than feel.

Thank you for the support and keep talking.