“Percentage / Composition / Balance” x Elian en Moscu

Elian_ArtmossphereBienalle 3


Elian_ArtmossphereBienalle 4

The work was done under “Artmossphere, Biennale of Street Art”, curated by Sabina Chagina.

Located in Meridian House of Culture, Moscow, Russia.


“Percentage / Composition / Balance”.

This work proposes a necessary dialogue between colors that build it, make a direct relationship with the medium itself, question the empty space and the use of compositional resources.
The color distribution has been generated to have a greater importance than the morphology of the piece, the main element considered is the total area that acts as a support and its quantitative relationship of each color. The composition is based on generating a optical harmonic balance to make it relative to the environment in which the mural is. We can see basic geometry has been used as the circle, the scalene triangle and other allusions to gestural strokes.