“ 25% Black “ de Elian en OFICIO Art Residence

4_25Black (Custom)


1_25 Black (Custom)


FINAL_25Black (Custom)

Here i send you pictures from my last work called “ 25% Black “ made in OFICIO Residence, hope you like it!

OFICIO it’s an Art Residence project directed by Kosovo Gallery in the city of Cordoba, Argentina, in which international artists, like Pixel Pancho, Zosen y Mina, and local artists like El Marian, Pesk, Elian, Pedro Perelman and Pum Pum; will participate until the end of the year working in the city and different kinds of projects for the gallery like workshops, conferences, documentary and the final show. For more info about the program : www.kosovogallery.com

This construction shows a very pronounced asymmetrical axis. We can see how the general shape of the building replies to a order; but the gate its located to the right, so it breaks with the harmony of the facade. On this wall I’ve searched the balance of the composition through the morphology and color. To the left, we can see organic shapes with bright primary colours, and to the right, straight parallel black lines with low opacity. The walls has an equilibrium between two different languages, the competition of color and shapes in both sides generates that the facade moves to another importance level therefore the asymmetrical axis loses importance.