Repost de @heitorcorreaart – "Tucanaçude", my latest wall done last week during my last days in Rio in collaboration with @mauprio. We had 2 and a half rushy days of work trying to beat time against Rio's intense heavy sun pressing our heads down. Was a big challenge, my biggest wall so far and it was only possible due to the great help and support I had from @mauprio+ @bretasandre + @anaetcetal+ @thiagohaule + @washingtonbrunomp + @galeriametara + @ninasoutoul + @casaamarelaprovidencia + @riostreetarttour and the local people. Obrigado a todos The shamanic culture believes the medicine of the Toucan to be a powerful path opener due to it's long beak that can guide us to a brighter way.In Tupi culture, it means the one who beats strong.In a general picture Brasil lives a ciclyc secular symptom of self-depreciation on the matter of not taking full part and action over its own power and character.Since the "discovery" the exploration submission has never left our genes, and it became somehow a common state of being allowing power centralizers to reign over our desunity.Thus, we find ourselves once and again bogged down in a negligent and corrupted mud that surely damages us and brings irreplaceable losses.But still, we stand, because the more the dark mud comes to takes us down and break us apart, it can't destroy our roots cause we have come from the mud and in spite of all the hurt and pain it that can bring us, we can find ways in which we can get united and activate our inner strength together to rise and follow a fortune redemption course again.De coração sinceramente desejo muita força, amor e união a todas as pessoas e famílias de Brumadinho. Que o amor e a luz possam trazer a cura para esse evento horrível. Você são grandes e nós somos gigantes 🧡… @danielcairoli 🤟