repost de @gaiastreetart – 'Vista del Chaco desde la ventana del avión' view of El Chaco from the window of an airplane. Organized by @latidoamericano and a very special thank you to @entes93 and @ozmontania for the invitation and opportunity to speak on such a large scale. The constituent elements are as follows: El Pájaro Campana (the Bare-Throated Bellbird) stands alert in the foreground, the national bird of Paraguay and endemic to the subtropical forests of the region, a view of the deforestation of El Gran Chaco which is one of the last agricultural frontiers of South America and is rapidly being decimated, and a massive airplane window and wing, all painted over a pre existing Coca-Cola advertisement. As a land-locked country, the airplane as a symbol of mobility is a pertinent image. Will post better photos of the wall without the lift over the next couple of days.