repost de @geraluz – "Sacred Smoke” collaborative work with @w3rc @JorgeBarrios #CiudaddeMexico #CentroHistorico The piece is inspired by the day of the dead celebration in #Mexico which is rooted in pre-Columbian times within the Aztec, Mexica and Mayan cultures. The Maya celebrated Cimi as a day of transformation rather than a day of death. In the Popul Vuh, the Hero Twins defeat the Lords of Death in a ballgame which takes place in the Underworld. The Twins are ordered by the Lords of Death to perform many tasks. They are tricked by the Lords and lose their lives, only to be reborn by transforming themselves. Thus the Maya celebrated this day as a lucky day of wise transformation. In ancient times, Death was also referred to as the direction North, which symbolized the Ancestors. Seeking wisdom and guidance from the Ancestors was at the heart of Mayan ritual practice. According to Kenneth Johnson in Jaguar Wisdom, “In the day-sign Death, we become one with those who went before us, and we partake of their wisdom. In the human body, Death is associated with the crown chakra, the sacred center through which solar enlightenment and ancestral wisdom may best enter into our own consciousness. This day-sign bestows upon us the ancestral wisdom that guides us through all our transformations.”Big Thank you to Daniel, Israel, Manuel, Cesar, and everyone else that came together to bring this project to fruition #cdmx #df @w3rc & @geraluz in centro historico as part of @abiertodediseno made possible the support of @gama_crea @nuevearteurbano @pinturasoseloficial @grupohorma @chuenmx #mayanmajix #cayab #gamacrea #Barrios #GERALUZ #WERC #GERA