Elian en Tucuman, Rosario y Mendoza

Elian_Rhythm Tucuman

“ Rhythm “ in San Miguel de Tucuman, Argentina.

This artwork is located in a neighborhood from San Miguel, on the facade of the Cultural Centre Galpón 20.99
Unlike my previous work, the synthesis is absent in this case. The neighborhood carries a different rhythm than the city, allowing the contemplation and a closer attention of the artwork; that’s the reason of the diverse points of tension and textures, so it can bring complexity to the wall and create obligatory visual tours.


Elian_Organic Focus Rosario Santa Fe

“ Organic Focus “  in Rosario, Argentina.

The intervened colonial facade shows a horizontal symmetrical axis set by characteristics moldings and the repetition of windows in the lower and first floor of the house; and also has a vertical symmetrical axis,that shows an exact mirror of the left side to the right. This artwork is about an organic shape referred to a gestural line from a marker in the lower side of the house, but with a small invasion above the horizontal symmetrical axis, reaching the upper side. This action tries to show how an element that destabilized this strong structure in a very subtle way, can create the same rupture effect than a big intervention. The red horizontal line in the artwork searches to pronounce the axis that suffers the intervention, pulling attention to this point and enhancing the small deviation of the stated form. The selected palette was to seek an homogenization with the support, so morphology is what stands out.



“Exercise Of Anamorphosis #1” Cultural Center Julio Le Parc ( Mendoza, Argentina ) for Muropolis Festival called

This artwork is a tribute to Julio Le Parc, Godfather of latin-american Op Art. In this case, through a different language but representative of this artist; I seek to reflect if a concept supports any technic and if that change is positive or negative about the communicative purpose.