Repost de @robotkin – This is one of my favorites from last year, a time marked by very little sharing on social media, but very full of activity. the incredible folks of @nuevearteurbano​, in partnership with the ​@pangeaseed​ foundation, created this “WATER IS ONE” project, where 15 international and local artists covered the surface of the enormous dome of the Centro Cultural Manuel Gómez Morín CECEQ, near the heart of historic Queretaro.This work, best shared in a couple posts, illustrates the two distinct halves of Mexico’s cultural identity.On the left, evoking the colonial conquest of the Spanish, we are confronted by the penetrating gaze of St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of the poor and of animals. To the right, sharing the same human form, but looking off into a future, sits the head of Quetzalcoatl, the ​"feathered serpent". ​Of the traditional Mexican deities, he was the most powerful force of nature: “He was the wind; he was the guide, the road sweeper of the rain gods, of the masters of the water, of those who Brought rain” (From the Nahuatl language). In the flanking side vignettes, an additional pair of hands impart to us the power of the yogic hand Mudras, connecting our personal vitality with the universal cosmic energy, through the position of hands held in ‘blessing’. Emanating from the flowing robes below emerge the poor and thirsty, gravely imploring us to take action in solving the collective challenges we face as a species, and reminding us that the best way to face the future is to honor and deeply understand our ancestral legacies.Every day we perform actions as simple as turning on the water tap without knowing how difficult it is to bring the liquid from one place to the other. Querétaro, like many cities around the world, faces an enormous challenge to ensure its future. Today, cities all over the world are starting to run out of water, we have to change ourselves, the change starts with you.Spécial thanks to guest photographers ​@yoshi_travel​ and ​@mctronik​ (Mexico) for capturing these beautiful details. All the love to Edgar Sanchez of @nuevearteurbano for help with the text and concept!#pangeaseed​