repost de @themuseumofurbanart – A new mural by @guidovanhelten 'The second of my works in Ecatepec is painted at station number 6 of a new cable car project opening this September. In contrast to problems faced here there exists many positives to life in this city. Ecatepec is a place of contrasts and my experience working on two separate locations showed a welcoming and strong community spirit, streets full of life, street vendors, colourful houses decorated from a previous social project to beautify the once grey landscape.This spirit combined with investment equals hope and change, and here demonstrates a painting of young ‘Valeria, a young girl from a young family’ and the right for young women to grow up safe in there home town with a safe future. The cable car project signifies the beginning of investment in a traditionally neglected area of Estado de Mexico promoting the beginning of social change. This building signifies that hope and in this I have attempted to fuse this representation within this structure. The fetal position or the position of safety that can be seen from the surrounding hillsides and a place of hope for the future.Special thanks to Tonio, Andrea and there young daughter Valeria, and thanks to the crew from @konect1 who without this project would not have been possible, big thanks to hungry Lalo, @artesanima @mascherpaguido Monica and the team and most importantly Lupita for her amazing food the duration of this work.' #mujeressinviolencia #guidovanhelten #ecatepec –