repost de @pangeaseed – Finished mural by @pangeaseed @seawalls_ mural for oceans guest artist @spokbrillor (Spain) for our latest activation in Cancun in collaboration with @nobuloart. Spok’s mural focuses on dolphins captivity. Thousands of dolphins around the world are still legally held captive for human entertainment. In the wild, bottlenose dolphins are known to swim over 100 miles a day. In captivity, they are confined to small tanks and they are trained to do tricks for food. There are 29 captive dolphin facilities in Mexico, keeping a total of approximately 342 individual Cetacea. Of the Mexican dolphinaria, at least 67% are located in the state of Quintana Roo, on the Yucatan Peninsula. Since 2008 11 new facilities have opened and dolphin quantities have increased by around 36% Dolphinaria can be found in shopping centres, marinas, hotel complexes, zoos and in theme parks.Support freedom, not captivity! Special thanks to project partners @nobuloart @fermax_global @campoviejo @pinturasoseloficial @nuevearteurbano #FundaciónOasis @aytocancun @thestillsagency and @casa_durazno! This project wouldn’t have been possible without the help and support from all of you! Shark love! Curated and supported by @artsynonym and @visualjunkies.PC – @spokbrillor#pangeaseed #seawalls #seawallscancun#artivism #paintforapurpose #saveourseas#protectwhatyoulove – #ArteCallejeroLatinoamerica