Elian en Queretaro, Mexico

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Im here, in Mexico, writing again to share my work with you.

This mural was made in Queretaro, Mexico for Board Dripper Festival during september.

Description :

This house was built in 1890 by european architects. Located in Invierno and Primavera streets, the colonial facade is the space of the first photographic studio of Queretaro. Founded in 1948, Mr. Torres was commissioned to portray the high society and social events. Today the business is in charge of his children, and they have suffered the fall of photography because of the technological evolution. This mural searches to resignify the front image of the old house by breaking the principal axes of colonial architecture, their mouldings and order above vertical and horizontal axes. It has been used a big gestural line, in reference of a brushstroke to invade the total space and then a heavy geometrical element among with other gestural traces, to find the balance on the composition.

Hope you like it !! Thanks for all the support :)

Big hug,